June 19, 2024

Fragments from a S-300 missile have been found in Transnistria, independent Russian media outlet Meduza reported on Sept. 25.

The debris was found in a field in Chitcani, a village near Tiraspol, the de facto capital of the Russian-controlled territory that is internationally recognized as part of Moldova.

Chitcani is about 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. There was no mention of the origin of the fragments in Meduza’s report.

One of the rocket fragments was around three meters long, a local resident told a state-controlled television channel.

The local authorities claimed that an explosion was heard in Tiraspol and the nearby city of Bender at around 1:00 a.m. local time.

No damage or casualties have been reported, according to Meduza.

Russia attacked Odesa, located around 90 kilometers south from where the rocket fragments landed in Transnistria, on Sept. 25.

The attack killed two people, destroyed several granaries, and seriously damaged a hotel on the Odesa Sea Port’s territory, which has been abandoned for several years, Ukraine’s Southern Defense Forces reported.

In total, Russia launched 12 Kalibr cruise missiles, two anti-ship Onyx missiles, and 19 kamikaze drones, overnight at Ukraine, according to the Air Force.

Ukrainian air defenses reportedly shot down all the drones and 11 Kalibr missiles, mostly over Odesa Oblast.

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