June 19, 2024

A Ukrainian HIMARS strike hit a temporary Russian command post near Kherson during a meeting of Russian officers, Hromadske media outlet reported, citing its source in Ukraine’s Security Service.

Eight officers from Russia’s 70th Motorized Rifle Division were killed, and seven more were injured, Hromadske wrote on Sept. 26.

The media outlet’s source said the attack occurred recently but didn’t specify the date.

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Since June 2022, the Ukrainian military has been using U.S.-provided HIMARS, short for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, for precise strikes on Russia’s military targets in occupied territories of Ukraine.

The GPS-guided rockets of the HIMARS system, able to hit targets at long range with pinpoint accuracy, have been credited with turning the tide of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, the HIMARS missiles that Ukraine currently uses have a range of 80 kilometers and cannot reach many Russian-occupied areas.

After Kyiv’s months-long lobbying campaign, U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly pledged to provide Ukraine with a small number of long-range ATACMS missiles with a range of roughly 300 kilometers.

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