June 23, 2024

Reportedly, Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister, did not coordinate his statement about the armament supply for Ukraine with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

Source: Polish RMF24 media outlet, European Pravda

Morawiecki’s position was allegedly not coordinated with the Polish Foreign Ministry before he made his statement. The diplomats are waiting for the instructions from Zbigniew Rau, Poland’s Foreign Minister, who is in the US at the moment.

An RMF correspondent was assured by the Foreign Ministry of Poland representatives that a logistic centre for the supply of foreign armament to Ukraine continues to operate in Poland. They added that Poland started actively helping Ukraine at the early stages of the full-scale war when many other allies were not even discussing possible aid.

The journalists assume that Morawiecki meant that Poland has supplied Ukraine with the armament it was able to provide without creating risks for its own defence capacity. At the previous stagesб Warsaw supplied Ukraine with armament with a total worth of over €3 billion.

RMF remarks that the first batch of the Rosomak combat vehicles and Rak self-propelled mortars are being produced in Poland at the moment.

Earlier, Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Prime Minister, stated that Poland is focused on rearming its own army and therefore is not supplying Kyiv with military aid.

This statement was made amid tension in relations between Warsaw and Kyiv due to unilateral Polish restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products and Ukraine’s actions in response.

At the moment Warsaw is only carrying out ammunition and armament supplies arranged in advance, including under contracts with Ukraine.

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