June 25, 2024

Just when you think Democrats couldn’t get more desperate, they show you just how crestfallen they have become. President Joe Biden has a serious age problem, and the left knows it. This is why their spokespeople are trying every gaslighting method they can concoct to convince the nation that the president is fit as a fiddle.


In the latest episode of “Please Ignore Biden’s Age,” MSNBC contributor Cornel Belcher pulled a political version of Rumpelstiltskin and tried to spin the president’s age into a positive. During a recent broadcast, the commentator argued that Biden is in a much better position to win re-election than former President Barack Obama was in 2012 because he “has a story to tell” that his former boss didn’t.

“Obama was running behind Mitt Romney, and basically, tied or running behind the whole cast of characters who were who were running at that time,” he said, noting that he doesn’t “worry so much about what the polling numbers are going to say right now” because “those poll numbers are going to change.”

Belcher continued:

In a lot of ways, Biden is even better positioned than Obama was in the story that he has to tell, because he does have a story to tell about, regardless about his old age, you know, what his age and wisdom has been able to do? It’s been able to move transformative pieces of legislation that no president has ever been able to do before. When you look at the infrastructure bill, when you look at CHIPS, when you look at all the manufacturing, when you look at the environmental legislation that he’s moved there, which, you know, and you’ve talked about it before, I mean, all these pieces of legislation are 60, 70% approved. Going into 2011, there wasn’t a lot of legislation that Obama had ACA was underwater.


This is wishful thinking, of course. Nobody is considering Biden’s age and thinking: “Gee golly, that man sure has a lot of years of wisdom in that brain of his.”

Nevertheless, Democrats persist in trying to gaslight the American public about the fact that they have an 80-year-old president who can barely string together a coherent sentence or find his way off the stage after giving a speech or press briefing. Indeed, several leftist influencers have taken to social media to persuade people to believe that former President Donald Trump has the same cognitive issues Biden does.

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the co-hosts on “The View” recently tried to make the president out to be the geriatric version of Superman because he rides a bike. “Joe Biden’s old, but he ain’t dying anytime soon,” said co-host Ana Navarro, who apparently needs to have her eyes checked.


Despite the spin coming from the left-wing chattering class, Biden’s age has become a central issue in the campaign whether they like it or not. Polls continue to show deep concerns about Biden’s age, even among Democratic voters. The left might be better suited to try to convince the electorate that the president has made numerous positive accomplishments during his tenure in office instead of trying to make them more comfortable with his age. But even then, they don’t have much to work with, do they?

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