May 19, 2024

On Thursday evening, Americans will be subjected to one of the worst traditions in the nation’s history. No, I’m not talking about eating Turkey on Thanksgiving instead of a delicious brisket. I’m talking about the State of the Union


Its ridiculous pomp and circumstance are contrary to everything America stands for. Thomas Jefferson quickly ended the practice of giving an in-person speech in 1801, concluding the similarity to a British monarch addressing the plebs was unseemly for a constitutional republic. It wasn’t until 1913 that Woodrow Wilson, one of the nation’s worst and most authoritarian presidents, decided he wanted the spotlight again. 

So here we stand, on the cusp of the press pretending Joe Biden isn’t a colossal failure so they can proclaim his latest State of the Union a turning point in his presidency. Get ready for lots of “Joe Biden delivered the best speech of his presidency” headlines. 

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With all that said, I’ve got some advice for Republicans as they file into the chamber: Be quiet.

I know the mood in the country is one of anger, and there’s plenty that Biden should be lambasted for. The State of the Union isn’t the place to pine for camera time, though. Am I saying that out of some respect for “decorum?” Of course, not. Our government has become a joke, and the last thing I care about is preserving “norms” while Democrats are stumping to absolve the Supreme Court and jail their political opponents. 

My opposition to heckling Biden is far more practical. Recall that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert shouted at the current president during the 2022 State of the Union, producing an infamous picture that was then published by every major press outlet. What was the outcome of that? The outcome was to give Biden and the mainstream media exactly what they wanted. 


The press didn’t want to have to talk about the president’s failures, his verbal fumbles, or the fact that his administration had presided over the disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan. Boebert and Greene gave them the cover not to. Let’s not do that again.

In 2024, Biden is at the lowest point of his presidency. He is also at the lowest point of his mental acuity. The heavy odds are on him having numerous issues delivering his speech. Let that be the story. Let Biden’s senility be what Americans remember. Don’t help him out by taking the attention off him. There will be time to garner clicks and likes later. Do the smart thing: Sit down, shut up, and let the president self-destruct. 

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