February 25, 2024


New York police deputy commissioner for operations says ‘no ongoing threat’ after shooting.

One person has been killed and five others injured in a shooting at a subway station in New York City, authorities in the United States’ biggest city have said.

The shooting occurred at a train platform in the Bronx at around 4:30 pm on Monday as office workers and students were beginning their evening commute, according to authorities.

Kaz Daughtry, New York police deputy commissioner for operations, said that there was “no ongoing threat.”

“The shooting that occurred was an isolated incident,” Daughtry said in a post on X, adding that authorities would provide an update on the “ongoing investigation” later in the evening. “There is no ongoing threat.”

Television news showed a major emergency response at the elevated Mount Eden Avenue subway station, about nine miles (14 kilometers) north of Manhattan’s Times Square, and a subway train stopped at the station.

Gun violence is common in the US compared to other developed countries, although New York is safer than other major urban centres and shootings on the city’s subway system are rare.

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