June 23, 2024

Kamala Harris may be the most uninteresting major politician on the scene right now. It’s hard to express how terrible of a politician she is, and somehow, she continually manages to get worse. Friday provided the perfect example of that a clip emerged showing her devolving into a hysterical laughing fit that left people wondering whether she was high in the comments.


While appearing in St. Louis, MO, to speak to the state’s Democratic Party, Harris was asked about the current economic reality (which isn’t good). Her response came across as some deranged mix of The Joker and Dr. Evil. 

HARRIS: Popular, popular, popular! We just need to let everybody know who brought it to them. 

(maniacal laughter)

HOST: Receipts. Amen. 

HARRIS: That’s doable!

(more maniacal laughter)

Every time I watch Harris speak, I wonder how someone so bad at politics could have gotten as far as she has. It’s as if she has no self-awareness about any of her most unflattering characteristics and instead leans into them constantly. Weird, absurd laughter, often at the most inappropriate times, has become a staple of her tenure, as has her complete inability to understand any issue she’s discussing. 

Is it any wonder Democrats wake up in cold sweats just thinking about her having to be the 2024 nominee? She’s so terrible that they are

But is she right on the merits? Of course, she’s not. The idea that “Bidenomics” is “popular” is just an abject lie. Every single poll (and I mean every single one) shows that the Biden-Harris administration’s economic policies are deeply unpopular. The current mix of astronomically high prices and sky-rocketing interest rates has been a disaster for working families, and no amount of letting “everybody know who brought it to them” is going to change that perception for the better.


As a Republican, though, I encourage lots of “letting everybody know” when it comes to who is responsible for their dwindling savings and inability to buy a home. Harris should shout it from the rooftops. I’m sure that’ll work out just great for her and the president. 

That’s the delusion that Democrats always operate under. They are literally the Principal Skinner meme where he ponders if he’s the problem before deciding no, it’s actually the kids who are the problem. Imagine thinking that some messaging tweaks are going to make eye-watering grocery and gas prices popular. I mean, come on.

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