June 22, 2024

The National Police of Ukraine is investigating 54 cases of sexual violence against Ukrainians by the Russian military. 19 Russian military personnel were served with a notice of suspicion as of 10 October.

Source: Ivan Vyhivskyi, Head of the National Police, in an interview with Interfax Ukraine

Details: Vyhivskyi says that the procedure for putting the suspects on the international wanted list is ongoing.

Some Russian military personnel were informed of the suspicion in absentia – in September, the police handed over the suspicion to a Russian Guardsman who, with accomplices, committed violent acts against more than 200 Ukrainians from March to October 2022 during the occupation of Kherson.


Photo: ondacaracola photography/GettyImages

Quote: “They [Ukrainians] were beaten, tortured and limited in food and water. At least 24 people were subjected to sexual torture in the form of electric shocks to the genitals,” the head of the National Police said.

He added that facts of sexual violence against women and children were established after the liberation of Kyiv Oblast. The youngest injured child is four years old, Vyhivskyi said.


  • The National Police of Ukraine reported that the most cases of sexual violence were recorded in Kyiv, Sumy, and Chernihiv oblasts.

  • The prosecutor’s office recorded 154 cases of sexual violence by the Russians.

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