May 20, 2024

You read the headline correctly. 

Joe Biden’s 2025 budget proposal includes billions of dollars to push gender fluidity, sexuality, and (racist) race ideology — including $30 million to increase the number of educators completing a program that trains teachers to teach (indoctrinate) kids on the “inclusivity” of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI).


Translation: Leftists will stop at nothing in their hellbent effort to indoctrinate America — and as much of the world as possible — with the sickness of DEI.

Released this week, Biden’s massive $7.3 trillion budget includes $3 billion to, as the White House touted “advance gender equity and equality worldwide.”

Let’s stop here and think for a moment.

While Xi Jinping and the ChiComs in Beijing rush at breakneck speed to increase the size of their blue-water navy and nuclear arsenal, the Biden administration remains absurdly obsessed with DEI — and, of course, “the existential threat to mankind,” anthropogenic “climate change.” Oh, and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is on the verge of putting nuclear weapons in space. But, no bigs, to Joe: Donald Trump is the Devil incarnate. America, we are so screwed if Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. wins re-election.

Anyway, here’s more:

The budget includes $30 million to increase the number of teachers who go through the Hawkins Centers of Excellence, a federal effort that sets up programs to train teachers in inclusivity on race, gender, and sexuality.

Those training programs must be set up at minority-focused colleges such as historically black colleges, and universities or colleges focused on serving Native Americans or Hispanics.

Once established, the taxpayer-funded program must “examine the sources of inequity and inadequacy in resources and opportunity and implement pedagogical practices in teacher preparation programs that are inclusive with regard to race, ethnicity, culture, language, and disability status and that prepare teachers to create inclusive, supportive, equitable, unbiased, and identity-safe learning environments for their students.”


In a similar funding item, the Biden budget proposal sets aside $95 million for the Teacher Quality Partnership Program, another federal effort that administers grants for training (re-educating, as necessary) teachers.

According to the Federal Register, this grant program prioritizes teachers of color over white teachers in order to “create inclusive, supportive, equitable, unbiased, and identity-safe learning environments for their students.”

“The Department recognizes that diverse educators will play a critical role in ensuring equity in our education system,” the agency said. 

The program also prioritizes grant applicants who can help create a “positive, inclusive, and identity-safe climate” for gay, lesbian, transgender, and minority students.

Could the intent of the left — and its ventriloquist dummy, Joe Biden —  be any clearer?

Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good, leader of the House Freedom Caucus, told The Center Square:

President Biden’s reckless and radical budget adds $18 trillion dollars to the debt, including billions of dollars for divisive DEI programs. As his partisan State of the Union speech previewed, President Biden is borrowing more money we don’t have to pay for things we don’t need in order to pander to the Democrat base.

With due respect to Congressman Good, Biden’s 2025 budget proposal goes beyond merely pandering to the Democrat base. All Democrat proposals pander to rank-and-file Democrat voters. 


The difference is Joe Biden and the Democrats have crossed the Rubicon and are now at a place where they seek nothing less than the re-education of some and the indoctrination of others with an insidious sickness that would ultimately destroy America as we know it if they succeed.

We must not let them do that. Vote accordingly. 


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