June 18, 2024

Russian invaders attacked the border and port infrastructure of the Danube region with drones overnight, and 11 drones were destroyed in the country’s south by air defence.

Source: Defenсe Forces of Ukraine’s south on Telegram

Details: The country’s south experienced another massive drone attack overnight.

Russia sent several groups of Shahed-131/136 attack UAVs from Crimea to different oblasts of Ukraine.

Eleven drones were destroyed by the air defence forces in the south: three in Odesa Oblast, and eight in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Quote: “Using the tactics of complex manoeuvres, loitering munition changed course several times, once again flying along the state border line.

The border and port infrastructure of the Danube region was under attack: a grain storage facility was damaged, several trucks caught fire, and it was quickly extinguished. No people were injured.

The operation of the ferry crossing has been temporarily stopped.”

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