June 23, 2024

UK Defence Intelligence has noted, on the anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s approval of partial mobilisation in Russia, that the Russian army is facing several problems, particularly due to the lack of regular rotations.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence’s update on the situation in Ukraine from 21 September

Details: 21 September 2023 marks the first anniversary of Putin’s announcement about the 2022 partial mobilisation, when about 300,000 Russian reservists (according to official Russian statements) were called up to serve in the war against Ukraine.

UK intelligence said former General Andrey Kartapolov, Head of the Defence Committee of the State Duma of Russia, again noted on 15 September 2023 that mobilised servicemen are obliged to serve during the so-called special military operation (as the war against Ukraine is called in Russia – ed.).

In a new admission of the dire situation at the front, Kartapolov also said that it is not possible to organise the rotation of servicemen from the combat zone during their service.

Quote from UK intelligence: “The absence of regular unit rotations out of combat duty is highly likely one of the most important factors contributing to low Russian morale, and the Russian Army’s failure to conduct higher-level training since the invasion.

The lack of such training is highly likely contributing to Russia’s difficulties in conducting successful complex offensive operations.”

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