May 25, 2024

Ukrainian Navy drones attacked and sank a Russian patrol ship in the Kerch Strait overnight Tuesday. The lost ship was the 1,300-ton Project 22160 ship Sergei Kotov. Ukrainian Magura V5 unmanned surface vehicles struck it at least three times. There is no official Russian admission of casualties; the Ukrainians claim the butcher’s bill is seven dead and 27 wounded.


This is the latest in a series of Ukrainian drone attacks that have sunk or severely damaged about one-third of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Because of these attacks, Sevastopol has been largely abandoned as a naval base, with Russian ships now based in Russian Black Sea Ports.


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In the process, the Russian blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports has been lifted, and its grain trade has been restored without Russian consent.

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This is video of the attack.

There was collateral damage.

Aside from the tactical success, a more extensive operation may be in the making. Sergei Kotov was guarding the Kerch Strait Bridge. This bridge is critical to the resupply of Russian forces in Occupied Crimea, Occupied Kherson, and Occupied Zaporizhzhia. Without the rail line, all supplies have to come by ship or aircraft. If there is another coordinated attack on Russian patrol craft guarding the bridge in the next week or so, it will be an indicator that Ukraine is trying to push the Russian Navy away from the bridge to clear the way for a direct operation against it.


As with the last attack, the distance of the attack from Ukrainian territory hints that Ukraine may be operating one or more covert launch platforms in the Black Sea.

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