June 22, 2024

Russian governors have claimed that there has been an attack by Ukrainian drones on Russia’s Kursk and Bryansk oblasts, bordering Ukraine.

Source: Roman Starovoit, Governor of Kursk Oblast; Alexander Bogomaz, Governor of Bryansk Oblast

Quote from Starovoit: “Several private family homes and the roof of an office building were damaged, and the windows in an apartment building were broken due to an attack by Ukrainian UAVs in Kursk’s Central District. The air defence system responded. There were no casualties.”

Details: Starovoit said another drone had fallen in Kursk district, damaging windows in a private family home.

Bogomaz claimed that two Ukrainian drones had been downed over Surazh district overnight.

Bogomaz claimed that there were no casualties or damage, but at the same time, he reported that operative and emergency services were working at the scene.


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