April 14, 2024

Former Russian President and Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev allegedly visited the occupied part of Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast “at the behest” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian media reported on Sept. 18.

Initial reports of Sept. 15 said that Medvedev had purportedly visited a training ground “near the contact line.”

In addition, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reportedly visited Russian military personnel in the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Oblast on May 19.

The Kremlin announced on April 18 that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had allegedly visited Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine’s Kherson and Luhansk Oblasts.

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At the time, former Ukrainian Air Force commander Ivan Yakubets in an interview with Radio NV on April 18 claimed that it wasn’t Putin who visited occupied Kherson and Luhansk oblasts, but his body double.

Claims that Putin employs one or more body doubles have been circulating on social media for many months, fueled by alleged slight differences in appearance between the “real Putin” and the double, or doubles, and uncharacteristic behavior of the “Putin doubles” – such as appearing in close proximity to members of the public.

The “real Putin” is known for maintaining almost comically large physical distances from others, even senior members of his regime, as well as foreign dignitaries, often having them seated far away from him at the opposite end of an immensely long table.

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