May 20, 2024

There are probably few people I would find more odious than the execrable Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and I would really like it if Steve Garvey were to blow Schiff away in the Senate race in California. 


The disgraced former Intelligence Committee member was on “Meet the Press” on Sunday when he made some concerning remarks about former President Donald Trump and the intelligence community. 

Kristen Welker asked him about the fact that U.S. intelligence officials are planning to provide briefings for Trump once he officially secures the Republican nomination for president. That is expected to happen this month. Welker asked if Schiff as the “former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee” thought it was appropriate for Trump to receive intelligence briefings given he’s been charged over his handling of classified documents.

“Well, that is the practice,” Schiff replied. 

“But we’ve never had a situation where one of the candidates for president has been so criminally negligent, when it comes to handling, if not worse, when it comes to handling classified information. So I have to hope, and knowing the intelligence community as I do, that they will dumb down the briefing for Donald Trump. That is, they will give him no more information than absolutely necessary, nothing that would reveal resources or methods, because we can’t trust that he will do the right thing with that information. He’s been so reckless. 

So yes, it does concern me. It is part of a long tradition of, they will be wary of what they share with him. And they should.”


That’s incredibly wrong. If Trump is the nominee, and then when he’s president, the IC has an obligation to provide him with that information for the safety of us all. Withholding information could influence his decisions and put us all in danger. If any member of the IC would do such a thing, they should immediately be booted out. 

Of course, given the past few years, they have done all kinds of problematic things. So actively sabotaging Trump wouldn’t be a big surprise from the IC. 

During the interview, Schiff also said “Knowing the intelligence community as I do…” Either he’s stupid or he’s been so emboldened by what he’s gotten away with, he doesn’t know he shouldn’t be tipping his hand at this point and saying that about the IC. He now should be asked who do you know who would do this? It serves as a reminder that we need to be concerned about the IC going forward. 

What’s also funny here is that Welker asks this question of Schiff who is incredibly untrustworthy. He was kicked off the House Intelligence Committee, according to then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, because he “lied to the American public.”

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So why is Welker even asking him and why doesn’t she mention him being booted? He should be the last person anyone would ask for any kind of sensitive information. Unless, of course, you want Democratic spin, then he’s there for you. How dare he even say anything about anyone else? 


Let’s also not forget that while Trump had classified documents he had a right to have as president, they were in his home that the Secret Service protected, Joe Biden had documents found all over his home, even outside in his garage next to his Corvette and in his office at the Penn Biden Center. He even had them outside in his garage. And the documents covered decades, including the time he was a Senator and didn’t actually have a right to have any of those documents. 

Plus, the report raised the issue of him talking about those documents with his ghostwriter. Yet, he’s getting a pass because he’s an “elderly man with a poor memory,” and he’s still getting briefings even now. His actions and his incoherence as he presently occupies the most powerful seat in the land should concern us all. 

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