May 23, 2024

Here we go.

As we wrote in late Feb., the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to hear arguments on whether former President Donald Trump, the presumed 2024 presidential nominee of the Republican Party, can claim broad presidential immunity from Jack Smith’s prosecution of the election interference case:


On Wednesday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear former President Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity arising out of the election interference case brought against him by Special Counsel Jack Smith.[…]

Trump’s legal team filed an application with the Supreme Court asking the court to stay the appellate court’s judgment. 

In turn, Smith’s team asked the Supreme Court to treat the application as a petition for writ of certiorari, which the Court elected to do, indicating it will hear the matter on the merits. 


BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Take Up Trump Immunity Claim

At the time, as my colleague Susie Moore wrote, the Court’s Order set “oral argument for the week of April 22,” but now we know the exact date they will take up the case:

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether former President Donald Trump is immune from prosecution in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election interference case on April 25. 

The Supreme Court last week agreed it would review whether Trump has immunity from prosecution in Smith’s case and said it would fast-track the appeal.[…]

Trump’s criminal trial has been put on hold pending resolution on the matter.


The next window for the Supreme Court to hand down rulings is in June.

As this is a developing story, RedState will bring you updates as they become available.

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