April 19, 2024

As RedState reported earlier, the concerns regarding Joe Biden’s octogenarian status and ability to preside over the country and go through another grueling campaign cycle are growing not just among voters but also among Capitol Hill Democrats, many of whom are said to be feeling “anxiety” over what 2024 could bring for the POTUS — and the Democratic party.


But while the defenses some of them have put forth about Biden, which we also noted, have been pretty laughable up to this point, the one given during a Fox News segment Tuesday might just take the cake.

The subject under discussion was the reelection chances of the Biden-Harris ticket and whether Biden was indeed too old to run again, much less serve another four years in office. Former Dem Congressman Harold Ford (Tenn.), a co-host of “The Five,” served up the following defense of Biden’s physical abilities:

“President Biden’s age is a consideration, uh, he seems healthy. I think the president’s in better physical shape, I’ve never seen a guy ride a bike, fall off like he does, and gets right back up. I know guys in their 20s and 30s who can’t do that. So I give him a lot of credit for even riding the bike.”

Rich Lowry, the editor-in-chief for National Review, responded accordingly by telling Ford that his “standards were pretty low.”


Um, yeah, if your seal of approval bench marker for Joe Biden’s reelection is to point out how he has a tendency to fall off bikes but that he can “get right back up” pretty quickly, that’s … not exactly a ringing endorsement.


And just for the record, let us revisit that infamous bike fall to show how he did need a bit of help from someone who presumably was a Secret Service agent when he got up. Something else to keep in mind was that this fall happened as Biden was stopped, not as he was riding:

Even though Biden was not on the ground as long as some might be after a bike fall, again, it’s not the strongest vote of confidence to note that he can allegedly jump right back up.

And even if he could, what does that have to do with his cognitive abilities, of which there are also growing questions from voters?

I mean it’s gotten to the point in Biden’s presidency where even his handlers are having trouble rescuing him out of the holes he digs when he makes public appearances and concocts stories out of whole cloth about his family and political history that have no basis whatsoever in reality, not to mention the frequent occasions where he appears lost and out of it.

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If Joe Biden was just a private citizen who was going through what to many are obvious health issues, it would be one thing. But he’s not. He’s the supposed leader of the free world, someone who has great power at his fingertips.  

That kind of power shouldn’t be given to anyone who has shown authoritarian tendencies, which Biden has, and that goes double for anyone with cognitive impairments, something with which Joe Biden seems to also be dealing.

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