June 18, 2024

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) officers, jointly with the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), have detained and served a notice of suspicion on the director general of a foundry in the city of Makiivka in Donetsk Oblast, who has been working with Russia and paying taxes to the Russians since 2014.

Source: SBI; SSU; Vinnytsia Oblast Prosecutor’s Office; Ukrainska Pravda’s sources in the law enforcement agencies

Details: The general director of Remkomunelectrotrans Plant Limited Liability Company (LLC), located in Makiivka, Donetsk Oblast, was served with a notice of suspicion of financing terrorism committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy. A UP source said the person concerned is Andrii Bobrus.

The investigation revealed that Ukrainian facilities, including the Remkomunelectrotrans plant, focused on manufacturing foundry products, were seized by the “DPR” [the Russian-backed “Donetsk People’s Republic”] terrorist organisation and Russian armed groups during the occupation of Donetsk Oblast in 2014.

Subsequently, the Russians re-registered the company as property of the occupying authorities via the sham “Department of State Registration of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of the ‘DPR'” and appointed a new director general.

The suspect, holding the position of the head of the plant, conducted business activities with Russia, opened accounts in the so-called “Central Republican Bank of the ‘DPR'” and was involved in selling foundry products to entities in Russia and business entities registered in Ukraine.

The investigation established that Remkomunelectrotrans Plant LLC paid taxes to the sham “Ministry of Revenues and Duties of the ‘DPR'” amounting to RUB 36.7 million [roughly US$363,000] in 2017-2022, thereby contributing to the material support and financing of the “DPR” terrorist organisation.

Quote from SBI: “Law enforcement officers exposed and stopped criminal activity before Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Presently, the cases of companies that purchased products from ‘DPR’ in violation of the law and sold them on the Ukrainian market are being heard in court.

The director general of the foundry in Makiivka moved back to Ukraine in 2019 but still has influence over the criminal activities of the company he heads.

The man was detained and served with a notice of suspicion of financing terrorism by a group of individuals by prior conspiracy.

The penalty of the article envisages up to 10 years of imprisonment”.

Details: The date of the director’s detention has not been disclosed; the prosecutor’s office indicates that the court imposed a pre-trial measure of arrest without bail on the suspect.

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