February 25, 2024

Ukraine’s law enforcement has apprehended a suspect in the murder of Vitaliy Zhuravlov, the deputy mayor of Nikopol in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, the regional governor, Serhiy Lysak, reported on Telegram on Feb. 12.

The 33-year-old alleged perpetrator had been planning the killing for months, said the authorities.

The man is accused of firing 20 shots at the deputy mayor’s car and throwing a grenade into it, setting it on fire on Feb. 8.

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National Police of Ukraine

Zhuravlov died on the spot as a result of the shooting.

The suspect concealed the weapon in a forested area and was later found in a rented apartment.

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The perpetrator had contemplated similar crimes against other officials in Nikopol, which are currently under investigation, said Ukraine’s Interior Ministry.

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National Police of Ukraine

The suspect faces charges of intentional homicide and is in custody.

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NV’s sources in law enforcement suggest that the main theories surrounding Zhuravlyov’s murder are connected with a conflict with a local criminal group, ongoing since 2017.

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