May 22, 2024

It would be a tough call as to which Democrat had the slimiest questioning of Special Counsel Robert Hur before Congress on Tuesday as he testified on his report about Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. 


There was Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) attacking Hur, saying that he should have left out the parts about Joe Biden’s failed memory. But as Hur noted, that was critical to his analysis, and so he wasn’t going to “sanitize” it to play politics. 

There was Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) accidentally opening up the door and blowing up the Democratic narrative that Biden was “exonerated.” She tried frantically to close that door again by talking over Hur as he said that Biden wasn’t exonerated. 


Schiff Goes After Special Counsel for Telling the Truth About Biden, Hur Just Shuts Him Down

WATCH: Hur Blows Up Dem Narrative About Exonerating Biden As Jayapal Frantically Tries to Shut Him Up

But you would also have to put Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) right up there at the top of the slimy ranks. As our friends at Twitchy reported, he spent his questioning time trying to smear former President Donald Trump. He started off by falsely claiming Trump would end immigration and that the Republicans seek to block it.

Swalwell asked Hur if he wanted his report to be received with credibility. Like Schiff, Swalwell tried to inject politics into the hearing. Check out what Swalwell asks Hur here. It has nothing at all to do with Biden and is very inappropriate in this context. Plus, it has a truly bizarre segment. 


Swalwell talks about Trump’s first and second impeachments (but not his Senate acquittals or the current investigation into Biden’s own impeachment issues) and the Trump classified documents case. Then he lists all the lawfare efforts to take out Trump. Plus, Swalwell also falsely claims that Trump “has been judged a rapist,” which is not true. 

The funny thing is that trying to bring up Trump in this context just reveals what a raw deal he has gotten, given how much Biden did and yet he still got a pass. So it has the opposite effect from what Swalwell is trying to do with it. 

The bizarre part was where Swalwell asked Hur to pledge that he wouldn’t take an appointment from Trump to prove he was credible. Why should he do that? That has nothing to do with his report.  It’s Swalwell trying to inject a smear of Hur. 


Hur looked like he couldn’t believe what a slimeball this guy was, but he was having none of it. “I’m here to talk about the report,” he said.  

“But you don’t want to be associated with that guy again?” Swalwell asked. 

Hur said he was not there to talk about Trump but to talk about his report on Joe Biden. 

Swalwell tried this deflection game, but it just made him and the Democrats look silly. And just like with Adam Schiff, Swalwell was booted off the House Intelligence Committee. In his case, it was for his relationship with a woman suspected of being a Chinese spy. So, he should be the last person trying to call anyone else’s actions into question.  

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