April 19, 2024

Like death and taxes, the ladies of “The View” expressing some over-the-top opinion that leans so far to the left that it falls over into ridiculousness is one of life’s sure things. 


On Tuesday, they got onto the subject of Senator John Fetterman ditching any sense of formality and constantly wearing workout clothes to the Senate chambers. As RedState previously reported, the chamber recently changed its rules to accommodate Fetterman. While Senators may now whatever they wish, everyone else must still dress in appropriate business attire. This rule came from Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, who directed the Senate’s Sargeant at Arms to stop enforcing the rules. 

As my colleague Nick Arama pointed out, it should be lost on no one that these rules highlight the elite changing rules in order to do what they want while still making everyone below them obedient to them. 

But I digress. 

The ladies of “The View” naturally have taken the side of the Democrats. Host Whoopi Goldberg called the move a “wonderful thing,” but chastised Republicans for thinking decorum should be maintained. 

“This kind of, for me, highlights an issue that the other side often has,” she began. “Which is…it’s okay if you don’t want to wear shorts and a sweatsuit. You’re not obligated to.” 

Goldberg continued with some word salad as she struggled to get her thoughts on the subject together live on air, but ultimately repeated praise for Schumer changing the rules for Fetterman, making the Senate chambers more free to choice of wardrobe. 


The conversation continued to devolve into applause-line attempts.  Allyssa Farah expressed the idea that Republicans should “sit this out” and claimed that their association with January 6 removes any claim to decorum they might have. Surprisingly, it was Sunny Hostin who said that a business formal dress code should be adhered to, saying it “demeans the office.” However, true to form, she began nailing figures like Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Kirsten Sinema for various outfit choices. 

Sara Haines backed up Allyssa Farah, saying Republicans should “take ten seats” for supporting the “insurrection.” Her line didn’t get any applause.  

But Goldberg, not to be outshone, took her point of dressing however makes you comfortable to its logical end. As Farah added it seems unfair to staffers and would hold them back in their careers if they dressed like Fetterman does. This prompted Goldberg to reach for her own applause line. 

“It depends on who you work for,” she said. “Because it wouldn’t be a problem for me as long as you did your job.” 


“You come in buck naked if you want to,” she said. 

I’m as informal as they come, but there are definitely places where I think formality should be maintained and Capitol Hill is one of them. 

That said, if Goldberg truly stands by her idea that politicians should be able to wear what they want, then Republicans should oblige the Democrats. It’s not hard to make them angry or throw in into fits of outrage. T-shirts bearing anti-woke messages or even displaying the wordage of the 2nd Amendment ought to suffice. 

After a while of that, it’d be interesting to check back in with Goldberg to see how she feels about the relaxed dress code. 

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