June 22, 2024

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is fully aware of the danger that Russia can pose this winter.

Source: Zelenskyy’s address on 6 October

Quote: “The current leadership of Russia always does what it has done before. They repeat all their mistakes. They repeat all the evil they have done. And when things don’t go their way, they think they haven’t done enough evil to succeed. Such insane logic. But we must take this into account. This winter, Russian terrorists will once again try to destroy our energy system. They cannot comprehend that Ukraine will not be subjugated anyway. But they will try to launch more attacks and more attempts to bypass our defenses.”

“Today, at the Staff meeting, there were reports from the military and all officials responsible for the defense of our energy and our winter passing strategy. This included the reports of the head of government, ministers, leaders of energy companies, representatives of the communications sector, and regional administration heads. Everything related to the physical protection of facilities, rebuilding, following orders, and the course of action in case of various emergencies.”

Details: According to the president, Ukraine is taking even more steps to strengthen air defence and cooperation with partners for the sake of energy sustainability. In particular, this week they worked out the transfer of another Patriot battery to Ukraine with Germany, which will be a significant boost. Additional Hawk air defence systems and energy equipment support were agreed upon with Spain. The filling of the new security package was discussed with Italy.

Zelenskyy noted that the local government should perform all the preparatory work. And next week, there will be an assessment of the current state of preparation for winter in the regions.

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