June 23, 2024

I honestly thought we were done with Michael Wolff after his Donald Trump-centered book was revealed to include provable falsehoods. Grifters never go quietly, though, and Wolff is no different. 


He’s back with a new book in which he claims that Ron DeSantis is such a psychopath that he randomly kicked Tucker Carlson’s dog while at dinner one night. You know, because that’s something people totally do. 

I mean, really, who would actually believe this?

During the dinner, Wolff writes, “DeSantis pushed the dog under the table. Had he kicked the dog? Susie Carlson’s judgment was clear: she did not ever want to be anywhere near anybody like that ever again. Her husband agreed. DeSantis, in Carlson’s view, was a ‘fascist.’ The pot calling the kettle even blacker. Forget Ron DeSantis.”

Carlson quickly batted down the ridiculous tale, saying that it never happened because it obviously never happened. Wolff didn’t give up that easily, though. During a recent interview, he not only doubled down on the story, but he claimed that Carlson himself was the source for it. 

In an interview with Mediaite, author Michael Wolff revealed that Tucker Carlson was the source for his reporting that Ron DeSantis shoved – and possibly kicked – Carlson’s dog during an awkward lunch between the erstwhile Fox News host and the 2024 hopeful.


“I think what I am accurately reflecting is his feelings about Ron DeSantis, and at the moment he seemed to have felt that he kicked the dog,” Wolff said. “I can’t tell you whether that happened or not. I can tell you with the greatest authority that that’s what he said happened.”

When asked by Mediaite if Carlson would be “comfortable” being outed as Wolff’s source on the alleged incident he was publicly denying, Wolff said: “I don’t know what he’s comfortable with. As I said, this is from the horse’s mouth.”


No, Wolff didn’t “reveal” anything. Rather, he made a baseless claim, and given his penchant for making things up, there’s absolutely no reason to believe him in this case. 

That was essentially Carlson’s response when his spokesperson countered Wolff’s latest comments with this clip. 

If you can’t watch the video, it’s an old interview in which Wolff is confronted over his claim that Donald Trump was having an affair during his time as president. The specific language used by the author at the time was that he was “absolutely sure” it was happening. The interviewer pointed out that Wolff later backtracked and said he “didn’t know” if an affair was taking place. Wolff then begins to act as if he can’t hear the question before finally getting up and leaving. 

It’s the perfect example of what kind of hack Wolff is. He makes all kinds of wild accusations in order to gin up coverage and sell books, but when he’s challenged, he slinks away. He has no credibility, and no one should believe a word that comes out of his mouth. 


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