June 18, 2024

Former Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is no stranger to calling out her former party for the continuous degradation of itself and the American political system. 


Recently, she had some things to say about the Biden Administration utilizing the American justice system to attack its political opponents, namely Republican nominee and former President Donald Trump. The former congresswoman posted a clip on X decrying what she called the “obvious attempt” by Democrats to damage Trump before the 2024 elections. 

“The political prosecution of Trump is an obvious attempt by Biden/Dem elite to drain Trump’s attention and resources,” Gabbard posted on X along with the clip. “Their actions expose their utter contempt for democracy and the rule of law — and makes laughable all of their verbiage about ‘protecting democracies around the world.’”

“Anyone who’s looking at what’s happening with clear eyes and an open mind can recognize how overtly they are trying to keep President Trump off of the campaign trail, to keep him away from being able to make his case to voters in this country of why they should elect him as President and Commander in Chief once again,” said Gabbard.

“They’re afraid that he actually could win, which is why they’re committing this such egregious abuse of power that cuts so much deeper than just going after President Trump,” she continued. 

In other words, Democrats are setting a precedent for future abuse. If Democrats find someone to be inconvenient or politically threatening, they can just utilize lawfare to pester and degrade the name of their target until they either surrender or face punishments under the law. 


As Gabbard said, this also takes us off the list as an example of how Democracies should be run. 

“What they’re really doing is setting this precedent that puts the United States of America not on a high platform of trying to be an example of democracy to the world, but of reducing our great country to none other than a banana republic and an abuse of power that we see happening in other countries around the world.”

Americans like to decry tyranny and support the downfall of dictatorial systems of power, but there are many who seem to be okay with it here in America if it benefits their own political party or, at the very least, is used against someone they don’t like. 

Trump is one such example. The Democrats have been using the justice system, not to bring him to justice but to effectively search and probe into Trump as far as they can in order to try to find something that they can hit him with. While it’s a long shot that they’ll find anything truly substantial, the point isn’t necessarily to have him put in prison, the point is to weaken him to the point of being less threatening as Gabbard pointed out. 


Even if you aren’t a fan of Trump or don’t plan on voting for him, one can see how this is an egregious misuse of power and that it threatens the very foundations of this country. 

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Meanwhile, there’s so much crime and corruption happening around the Biden family that the Democrats and its supporters are more than willing to ignore. In fact, the latest scandal seems to involve a connection to Senator Robert Menendez who is currently indicted on federal charges for bribery. 

The corruption runs deep within the Democrat Party, and between the witch hunts, the shady foreign dealings, the obvious corruption, and the weaponization of government institutions against the American people, it’s a wonder the people haven’t revolted. 

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