June 22, 2024

On 1 October, Ukraine will celebrate the Day of Defenders on the new date  for the first time; on the morning of this day, a minute of silence will be held throughout the country to honour those who gave their lives for Ukraine.

Source: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Telegram

Quote from Zelenskyy: “It happens that silence can say more than any words. This Sunday, October 1, Ukraine will celebrate the day of its defenders on a new date for the first time. All those who fight for the sake of the state. All those who give strength to Ukraine. All those who gave their lives for Ukraine.”

Details: The president stressed that this Sunday, for the first time, the whole of Ukraine will stop for a minute to silently honour the feat of our people who died defending the state and fellow Ukrainians.

“Let this become our new tradition. At 9:00. Sunday. 1 October. Central squares and streets of Ukrainian cities. A minute of honour. A minute of silence. And the eternity of memory of our fallen defenders,” Zelenskyy summed up.

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