April 19, 2024

Kyiv has denied the claims recently made by Georgian security services, labeling Tbilisi’s statements as “another attempt to demonize Ukraine,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said in a Facebook post on Sept. 18.

The allegations claimed to have “exposed” a plan to organize a Georgian version of 2014 Euromaidan mass protests in Ukraine.

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“We have noticed the statements from representatives of the Georgian security apparatus about the supposed involvement of the Ukrainian side in organizing a coup in Georgia,” said Nikolenko.

“This information does not correspond to the truth.”

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Nikolenko added that the current Georgian government was “once again trying to demonize Ukraine to resolve its domestic political issues.”

He reiterated that Ukraine has not meddled, is not interfering, and does not plan to intervene in Georgia’s domestic affairs.

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Previously, Georgia’s security services had claimed that there are alleged plans to instigate civil unrest in the country in October-December, when EU reports on the country’s progress toward joining the European Union are expected to be published.

“In particular, there is confirmation that the organizers are considering implementing a scenario in Georgia similar to Euromaidan, which took place in Ukraine in 2014,” the Georgian State Security Service claimed.

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