June 18, 2024

The US presidential administration believes that offensive operations on the contact line in Ukraine are possible for another month and a half to two months, and then the weather will complicate this process.

Source: John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator of the White House National Security Council, during a briefing

Quote: “We know that the counteroffensive has not gone as far or as fast as even the Ukrainians want it to. It’s still a violent fight on two major lines of axes – one in the Donbas area and one down south – the south of Zaporizhzhia. And they’re still fighting it out every single day.

And it’s why I said in my opening statement, ‘Time is not our friend’. We’ve got six to eight more weeks of good weather here before things really make it hard for both sides, quite frankly, to fight.”

Details: Kirby did not speak about other circumstances on the battlefield but stated that the US hopes that the Defence Forces of Ukraine will be able to achieve certain successes before the cold weather.

He also admitted that it would be difficult for Ukraine to continue the fight without the help of the United States of America and other partners.

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