June 25, 2024

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) has reported that it is countering the forces of the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) in Africa.

Source: Major General Vadym Skibitskyi, representative of DIU, in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: “We are countering them everywhere. We use different methods.

So far, they [the Wagner Group – ed.] have maintained their presence [in Africa]. Still, the Russian Ministry of Defence is doing everything possible to replace Wagner, primarily with private companies controlled by the Ministry of Defence.”

Details: Skibitskyi said that Russia is interested in a military presence on the African continent because it gives it control over these countries’ natural resources and leadership.

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  • On 20 September, CNN reported, citing a source in the Ukrainian military, that Ukrainian special services were probably behind the drone strikes on the bases of local militants affiliated with the Wagner Group near the Sudanese capital.

  • On 24 September, Kyrylo Budanov, head of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, neither confirmed nor denied this, but stressed that the Wagner Group was “our enemy, and we will act anywhere in the world”.

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