April 19, 2024

Rustem Umierov, Ukraine’s Minister of Defence, has summed up the Ramstein-format meeting, saying that he and Ukraine’s partners have agreed to launch an initiative to form a Capabilities Coalition.

Source: Umierov on Facebook

Quote: “The main goal is to prepare the Defence Forces of Ukraine for the future. To this end, the Ministry of Defence has identified five clusters that will require priority attention: air defence, artillery, aviation, Navy and armoured vehicles.”

Details: Umierov also urged partners to continue to support Ukraine and outlined its main priorities. The partners, he said, have once again reaffirmed their commitment to support Ukraine.

In his post, Umierov thanked his colleagues from the US, UK, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia and Norway for the talks.


Ukraine’s new Defence Minister, Rustem Umierov, participated in the Ramstein-format meeting for the first time on 19 September. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, opening the meeting, congratulated Umierov on his new post.

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