June 19, 2024

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigations has opened criminal proceedings on the abuse of power by military officials after a video showing Ternopil military enlistment office employees beating conscripts and violently pushing men into a van was shared on social media.

Source: State Bureau of Investigations of Ukraine

Quote: “The State Bureau of Investigations hotline in Lviv received a report that employees of the Ternopil military enlistment office had used physical force to detain a local resident around midnight on 6 October. The man was beaten and pushed into a car, and a video of the incident was soon shared on social media.

Another video shared online shows two people beating up men who are lying in beds in the military enlistment office.

Criminal proceedings have been opened on the facts of abuse of power by military officials (Art. 426.1.5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).”

Details: The Ternopil Prosecutor’s Office for the Defence of the Western Region will supervise the proceedings.


  • Yesterday, on 7 October, a video appeared showing military enlistment office workers in Ternopil forcing men into a minibus, and an internal investigation was ordered at the regional military enlistment office.

  • On 8 October, a video of a supposed beating of conscripts in a Ternopil shopping mall was posted online, prompting Ternopil Mayor Serhii Nadal to appeal to the management of the Ternopil military enlistment office. Dmytro Lubinets, Ukraine’s Human Rights Commissioner, said he had seen “footage of conscripts being beaten” online, and his office was launching an investigation into the incident.

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