June 22, 2024

NV sources in Ukraine’s SBU security service have confirmed that a Ukrainian attack destroyed a command center of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet near Sevastopol on Sept. 20.

According to our sources, besides Russian officers, valuable military equipment was stationed at the site.

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The military base was destroyed by missiles that accurately hit their targets. This was a joint special operation of the SBU, Ukrainian Air Force, and the Navy.

Russian commanders designated this base as their backup command post to avoid potential attacks on their primary area of deployment. The strike was carried out after the SBU verified reports indicating the presence of enemy fleet commanders at the base.

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The SBU promised further explosions to target Russian military assets in occupied Crimea.

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In just the past week, Ukraine has inflicted several successful strikes on the Russian targets in Crimea. On Sept. 13, a Russian submarine and landing ship were severely damaged in a drydock in Sevastopol Bay.

On Sept. 14, according to NV’s source in the SBU, Ukrainian forces destroyed a cutting-edge Russian S-400 Triumf air defense system, using Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles, which have been modified to be used against ground targets.

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