June 23, 2024

As Ukrainska Pravda’s sources report, a drone attack by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has left Russian military facilities in Kursk Oblast of the Russian Federation without electricity

Source: UP source in the SSU

Details: Military facilities of the Russian Federation were connected to an electrical substation in the settlements of Sudzha, Liubimovka and Glushkovo, Kursk Oblast.

Quote: “As a result, the Russian military is beginning to actively adopt the experience of the Ukrainians last year, when there was no electricity for several days.

This is not the first blackout in Kursk Oblast caused by the SSU. The previous one was on 29 September, and before that – 26 September. At that time, the electric substations from which the important military facilities of the Russians were powered were also struck. In general, the Security Service has organised seven such attacks on enemy infrastructure.”



Background: On the night of 4-5 October, Roman Starovoyt, governor of Kursk Oblast, reported that drones attacked infrastructure facilities in Russia’s Kursk Oblast. Starovoyt noted that there was a power outage.

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