April 19, 2024

Ukrainian soldiers were seen raising the flag of Ukraine over Andriyivka, Donetsk Oblast, liberated from Russian troops, in the photos and videos posted on the Facebook page of the Third Separate Assault Brigade on Sept. 17.

“The Ukrainian flag has been raised over the village of Andriyivka! Recaptured by units of the Third Separate Assault Brigade,” the video captions read.

The footage shows a first-person view of a Ukrainian serviceman walking through the village, which has been almost completely destroyed by the hostilities.

“The Third Assault (Brigade) completely seized the village of Andriyivka. Glory to the nation! Death to the enemies!” comments the narrator of the video.

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The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed on Sept. 15 that the village of Andriyivka had been liberated by Ukrainian forces.

Maksym Zhorin, deputy commander of the Third Separate Assault Brigade, said that by capturing back Andriyivka, Ukrainian forces now have full control of a nearby railroad, which is a support line that will allowthe offensive progress.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry reported on Sept. 18 that Russian troops were trying to regain lost ground by attacking Ukrainian positions.

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