April 19, 2024

Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said that Ukraine’s allies at the Sept. 19 Ramstein meeting agreed to form ‘Capablities Coalitions’ around five key defense priorities: air defense, artillery, aviation, the navy, and armored vehicles.

“Held productive meetings on the sidelines of Ramstein 15,” Umerov said. “Hope results will soon be tangible for our warriors on the battlefield.”

The Ukraine Defense Contact Group met at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany to discuss coordinated security assistance efforts in the 15th meeting of its kind since April 2022.

In a press briefing following the summit, United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that creating targeted coalitions was part of the long-term strategy to aid Ukraine.

“Meanwhile, our long-term support for Ukraine will continue to evolve through dedicated capability coalitions, like the ones that we started for armor and F-16 training and information technology,” Austin said.

“And these important coalitions will help Ukraine continue to build up a combat-credible force for the future.”

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Umerov thanked a number of allied nations, including the U.S., the U.K., and Germany for participating in “substantive talks” at the summit.

The U.K. pledged to donate tens of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine, while Germany affirmed its commitment to an aid package worth over 400 euros.

“We are providing support in a way that maximizes the benefits to Ukraine, focusing on the core areas of artillery, air defense, ammunition, sustainment and training,” said German Parliamentary State Secretary Siemtje Möller.

The German support package will include air defense systems, artillery munitions, and mine-clearing systems.

This marks Umerov’s first Ramstein summit since being appointed Ukraine’s Defense Minister on Sept. 6.

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