June 25, 2024

The United Nations’ Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine has found continuing evidence that Russian troops are committing war crimes, according to the Commission’s latest report on Sept. 25.

The Commission found evidence of illegal explosive attacks, torture, gender-based and sexual assault, and assaults on energy infrastructure.

The Commission documented attacks with explosive weapons in inhabited places that caused significant destruction and civilian casualties. It also recorded attacks on homes, a hospital, a train station, restaurants, stores, and other critical infrastructure, resulting in disruption to vital services and supplies.

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The update was a continuation of earlier reports and reflected the Commission’s ongoing investigations on human rights abuses in Ukraine.

According to Commission Chair Erik Mose, the commissioners recently visited Ukraine and held meetings with the government as well as attack victims.

The Commission continues to investigate and document Russian war crimes in part due to worries about the potential for genocide and incitement to genocide. It emphasized the need for accountability and expressed concern about the scope and seriousness of the crimes committed by the Russian armed forces.

Over 100,000 cases of war crimes, including indiscriminate bombardment, purposeful killing, summary execution, torture, and ill-treatment, are still being documented, investigated, and prosecuted by Ukraine.

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