June 18, 2024

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has announced the creation of several capability coalitions for Ukraine, including training for the Ukrainian Air Force.

Source: Austin at a briefing in Brussels; European Pravda

Details: The Pentagon chief recalled that Ukraine’s allies have already formed several coalitions to support its defence capabilities: Estonia and Luxembourg, a coalition aimed at supporting Ukraine’s IT infrastructure, and Lithuania, a coalition for demining.

Quote: “And I’m proud to announce that the United States will step up again to help lead the coalition of countries working with Ukraine to develop its Air Force.



… By leading this capability coalition, the United States will coordinate closely with Ukraine and other partners but the focus on developing Ukraine’s F-16 fighter aircraft capability.”

More details: The US defence secretary said that along with the US, the coalition will be led by Denmark and the Netherlands, which play a leading role in training Ukrainians on the F-16.

Austin also announced that the United States will join several other coalitions that will be formed in the coming weeks, including “those focused on Ukraine’s air defence armour and artillery”.


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