February 25, 2024

After seeing climate activists shutting down freeways as people were trying to get to work, destroying art in museums, and disrupting an ordinary person’s day, they have now reached President Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters.


The irony here is that many climate activists and environmental organizations expressed their support for Biden in 2020. 

The group of activists were arrested due to blocking the entrance to Biden’s HQ. The activist being arrested in the video below is part of the leftist progressive Sunrise Movement. 

The person in the video is seen yelling about climate change being an “existential threat” and that Biden needs to act urgently. 

“My home is under attack. Wildfires, storms, droughts, hurricanes, the climate crisis is here and Biden has the power to do something about it. All we’re asking is that he use the tools at his disposal.”

He went on to say that he’s “putting his life on the line” while continuing to blast Biden. He concluded by saying, “This is Joe Biden’s legacy.” 

Members of the movement said if Biden does not take decisive measures “combating climate change,” millions of young people will not vote in November, which would hurt Biden’s chances of being re-elected.


Sunrise campaign director Kidus Girma released a statement after the disruption caused at Biden HQ, saying:

“Climate change is at our doorstep. Our homes are flooding, we’re breathing in toxic air, Black people like me are dying while the President expands oil and gas production to record levels. Then President Biden goes around and claims he’s a climate president and wants our votes? That’s bulls—.”

The group from the Sunrise Movement was in Deleware to let the Biden administration know that they should “end the era of fossil fuels.” Per the group, 21 of their members were arrested. 

In 2020, the movement endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the Democrat primary because he committed to implementing the Green New Deal, among other climate policies. They oppose oil, coal, and gas development of all kinds while pushing politicians to shift to green energy, such as wind and solar.

Although Biden has not gone as far as the movement wanted, we have seen gas prices skyrocket, especially in California, where the combination of Biden’s climate policies and the CA legislature gas tax made prices jump to eight dollars at one point.

Despite high gas prices, leaders like Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) have continued to push for more policies that will phase out all gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Actions like these encourage climate activists to spew their unrealistic ideas, thinking it is achievable and everybody will fall in line.


Biden has pushed electric vehicles as well; however, as RedState’s Ben Kew reported, “Ford announced billions of dollars in losses on electric vehicle range,” while as Becky Noble reported, “Toyota did not go green with electric vehicles, now they are going green in earnings.” 

A volunteer for the Sunrise Movement, Ariela Lara, put pressure on Biden to pass more progressive legislation, saying:

“He could make sure that every time a climate disaster hits, no one gets evicted and everyone has access to free health care. He could end the fossil fuel era by refusing to approve a single oil or gas well in this country. Biden can’t build renewables on Monday, build fossil fuels on Tuesday, and then claim to be climate president. That’s not how science works, and young voters know it.”

The way to end this nonsense is to make sure ordinary Americans see how these policies are costing them money, as well as the negative impact it would have on landlords not being able to evict tenants who don’t pay their rent and hard-working Americans on a fixed income trying to afford gas. 

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