June 23, 2024

I wrote earlier about the WaPo/ABC poll that had former President Donald Trump up by ten points over Joe Biden. 

Some think it might be an outlier, given most of the other polls show a tighter race. 


But if you listen to the people who ABC spoke to, it might not be such a surprise when you hear their frustration over the economy, one of the main drivers of why Biden did so badly in the poll. I wanted to focus a little on just how terrible those numbers are. 

“Americans overwhelmingly say they are not feeling good about the economy,” ABC’s Rick Klein observes, and Joe Biden “is to blame.” Just 30 percent say they approve, while 64 percent disapprove — what ABC called “a career low.” 

They also slammed the high gas prices. The national average hit $3.88 this week, the highest number this summer. Eighty-seven percent of Americans have a negative opinion of energy prices under Joe Biden. 


You can’t find 87 percent to agree on anything normally, but they do here. That shows you just how bad it is. 

You can’t tell Americans how well you’re doing and make up nice fanciful things about Bidenomics when people know how much of a hit their wallets have taken under Joe Biden from the huge rise in gas price and food prices. And when you do, they trust you even less. That’s what has been going on with the president. They think not only doesn’t he know what he’s doing but also that he doesn’t care. 

As ABC notes, “Americans aren’t buying it.” 

Seventy-four percent percent think that it’s “not so good” or “downright poor.” Those are awful numbers, particularly when they want to try to run this guy for the office again. 

People have long memories. They know they had it so much better under Trump than under the current president, that gas was inexpensive, and that Joe Biden has attacked the energy industry. When asked about their personal financial standing, they know that things have gotten worse in a big way. 


Forty-four percent of Americans say they are not as well off as they were when Biden took office. Klein said these were “the worst numbers that we’ve seen” since they started polling on this question, which they’ve been doing since the Reagan administration. 

“These numbers are simply staggering for the sitting president,” Klein declared. 

There’s that old saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Biden and the Democrats can’t get around that basic truth.

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