June 19, 2024

As RedState previously reported, the Biden administration just continues to make themselves look worse on the issue of the border crisis, with Biden’s own press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, now point-blank cutting off journalists who ask questions about it during the daily press briefings. 


The reason for that, undoubtedly, is because there is no credible defense that can be given over what is happening at the southern border, as noted by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who during a segment on the network Thursday fact-checked the Biden White House point by point on their most egregious falsehoods about the desperate situation in places like Eagle Pass.

During that broadcast, Melugin noted that Eagle Pass’ Hispanic Democrat Mayor, Rolando Salinas, has pleaded with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for assistance even if it’s just to “put out a statement.” 

As it turns out, Salinas is now demanding more than that, as indicated in interviews he did on CNN and Fox News in response to the worsening surge.

During an exchange with Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, Mayor Salinas said that he and his city felt “abandoned” by Biden and Harris and that they would welcome a visit from Biden that would be more than a heavily scripted photo op.

“I’ve been saying that for the last two years. Here in Eagle Pass, we feel abandoned,” Salinas said. “We shouldn’t have to be dealing with this. This is a federal issue.”

Salinas also said he’d rather be dealing with “economic development” and that “there’s other good things going on in Eagle Pass, Texas.  Shouldn’t have to be dealing with an immigration crisis.” 

He went on to say that he would welcome Biden, Harris, or really anyone in the administration to reach out to him whether it be a visit or phone call to let them know exactly what they are doing and what they can do to try and resolve what’s going on.



It was during his appearance on CNN, however, that Salinas’ criticisms of the Biden administration got more pointed:

CNN’s Erin Burnett: Mayor, how do you feel about it, when you say that there are no consequences, and does the president bear some of the responsibility for the crisis in your city?

Mayor Salinas: I’ll be honest with you, I’ll believe 100 percent he does, he bears some responsibility for this crisis. I haven’t heard from anybody in the administration. The president hasn’t put out a statement, the vice president, I haven’t heard from anybody.

Nobody has bothered to call me, anyone in the city staff saying, hey, this is the federal government. We know what you’re going through. We’re worried about you. This is our plan of action. Nothing. We’re here abandoned. We’re on the border. We’re asking for help. This is unacceptable.

Please, just enforce the laws that are on the books. We are a nation of laws. That’s all I ask for, is that it shouldn’t be like this. We should be able to enforce laws. If you want to come here — good, come legally. A lot of people have in the past. It takes a lot of money and years to do it the right way. And it’s not fair for those people that now we have thousands of people coming in, without one single consequence. It’s just not fair.



Salinas, like other critics of Biden’s open border policies, gets that in order to truly grasp the dire nature of the crisis you need to visit and not to shake hands, give back pats, and make empty promises, but to get right into the thick of it to see what residents, local leaders, and the CBP have to deal with on any given day.

But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t do that. Their idea of a “visit” is literally a sanitized one where they are kept far away from having to mix and mingle and see the disastrous consequences of their actions and inaction. And their idea of “supporting” border agents is to smear them and insinuate they are little different than Civil War era plantation/slave owners.

Because Biden-Harris and sanctuary city/state Democrats are good at paying lip service on how we must be “welcoming and accommodating,” red state governors like Texas’ Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis have exported the problem from their states to liberal enclaves like New York City, Martha’s Vineyard and even the front yard of the Vice President’s DC residence in an effort to call their respective bluffs.

And it has worked, as evidenced most recently by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul talking about how there are “limits” to what the state can do and outright telling illegal immigrants to “go somewhere else” and not New York.  Rest assured there are also frenzied communications between her administration and Joe Biden’s since communications between Biden and NYC Mayor Eric Adams have reportedly broken down.


In any event, good on Salinas for not being afraid to call out the purported leader of our country despite the fact that they are both Democrats. Because it’s times like these when true leaders are reminded that playing nice with their alleged political allies in the interest of peace and harmony doesn’t win them much more than meaningless door prizes that do absolutely nothing to resolve the problems they and their communities face.

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