May 23, 2024

There’s an old lawyers’ saying about never asking a question when grilling a witness if you don’t already know the answer. The reason is that you don’t want to end up accidentally highlighting something that could hurt your case. 


Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) isn’t a lawyer so perhaps she doesn’t understand that principle. But her effort to discredit Special Counsel Robert Hur failed exactly for that reason. 

Jayapal went after Hur, basically saying things that he hadn’t said. I don’t know whether she hadn’t read the report and didn’t understand the facts and/or she was just trying to be misleading. Jayapal claimed that the report resulted in a “complete exoneration” of Joe Biden. That wasn’t what the report said at all, so probably not a good move to tell the guy behind the report what it supposedly says when it isn’t true. But as she tried to get that in for the cameras, Hur’s response was just great, “We did NOT exonerate him.” 

She realized that she chose the wrong word and then tried to talk fast and interrupt him so he couldn’t be heard, but he was heard anyway: they didn’t exonerate Biden. This is classic Democratic tactics, but it didn’t work on Hur. 

Democrats have been claiming that Biden was “exonerated” and he wasn’t. Now Hur is saying it flat out so that just does in their spin. Saying you aren’t going to prosecute him because he’s an “elderly man with a poor memory” isn’t the same thing as saying he didn’t do anything. 


Hur chose — for reasons that I disagree with — not to prosecute. That is not the same thing. Indeed, on the very first page of the report it said that Biden “willfully retained” classified documents. There were classified documents all over the house, even in the garage next to the Corvette. He had documents from the time he was in the Senate which is something he still has not explained since he never should have been able to take those out of a SCIF. 

Indeed, Hur confirmed that again in his testimony, as George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley noted. 

Hur also noted that he read some of that alleged classified material to a third party. 

This was in direct contradiction to what Biden claimed. 


So Jayapal, by asking that question, managed to make it abundantly clear to the audience that the Democratic narrative was all bunk. 


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