June 18, 2024

Oct. 6 (UPI) — A 15-year-old from India spent 41 days using playing cards to build replicas of four buildings from his home city of Kolkata, breaking a Guinness World Record in the process.

Arnav Daga’s finished project measures 40 feet long, 11 feet and 4 inches high and 16 feet and 8 inches wide, breaking the world record for the largest playing card structure.

Daga’s creation broke the record set by Byran Berg, whose playing card structure of three Macao hotels measured 34 feet and 1 inch long, 9 feet and 5 inches tall and 11 feet and 7 inches wide.

Daga said he used about 143,000 cards to build replicas of the Writers’ Building, the Shaheed Minar, Salt Lake Stadium and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The teenager said his 41-day process was slowed when the Shaheed Minar did what houses of cards are most famous for doing — falling down.

“It was frustrating that so many hours and days of work got wiped out and I had to do it all over again, but for me there was no turning back,” he told Guinness World Records.

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