June 18, 2024

Have you wondered what happened to that Special Counsel investigation into Joe Biden’s many classified documents

It’s funny how we’ve seen all kinds of leaks from the investigations into Trump, including false stories, yet when it comes to this matter, we’ve barely heard a word. Interesting how that works. 


However, now ABC is dropping some information from “sources,” so you know right away that we have to put a caveat on any “facts” this information supposedly reveals. And already I’m seeing the spin emerging. 

According to their report, the probe has cast a “wide net” in a “sprawling examination.” 

Federal prosecutors and FBI agents from special counsel Robert Hur’s office have been interviewing witnesses for nearly nine months, targeting an expansive constellation of former aides — from high-level advisers to executive assistants and at least one White House attorney. Several sources estimated that as many as 100 witnesses have already been interviewed, with interviews conducted as recently as last week and some witnesses asked to return for follow-up interviews.

Translation spin: whatever comes out of this, you know they did all they could, dotted every “I” and crossed every “t.” Because they tried. So hard. 

If you had any doubt about how this might all turn out, this might clear it up for you. 

Sources who were present for some of the interviews, including witnesses, told ABC News that authorities had apparently uncovered instances of carelessness from Biden’s vice presidency, but that — based on what was said in the interviews — it seemed to them that the improper removal of classified documents from Biden’s office when he left the White House in 2017 was more likely a mistake than a criminal act.

Nevertheless, the special counsel has reached no final determinations and the investigation is ongoing, ABC News was told.


Remember how much the media has been railing about former President Donald Trump? And he gets an indictment. Yet Biden has classified documents all over the place, in multiple locations, even in an unsecured location in his garage and in an office in a public building, and those are just “mistakes.” But hey, that’s the present rule: if you’re a Republican it means anything and everything is thrown against you, but if you’re a Democrat it means you get a pass for everything. 

Have they asked how he managed to walk out the document/s that Biden himself referred to from 1974 when he was a Senator? Unlike when he was Vice President, he didn’t have the same ability to take things to his office. How did he remove them from a SCIF? How is that not a crime? 

They’re also asking about how Biden’s aides handled the records. 

Investigators also asked witnesses about how Biden’s closest aides handled classified records, according to sources. Michelle Smith, a former executive assistant to Biden who is now deceased, has been brought up in some interviews. ABC News previously reported that Kathy Chung, Smith’s successor as executive assistant, met with investigators earlier this year.

Oh, no. Don’t even tell me they’re going to try to blame the dead assistant. The documents were in Biden’s home, in his garage, and even in his office. That’s on him, not the aide. And again, how are you going to justify the Senate ones? 


The one thing in the report that I found interesting and possibly hopeful was that they were supposedly asking a lot of questions about his note-taking. That’s interesting because if they have records of him taking notes on the classified documents after they were removed, that would show consciousness of wrongfully possessing them and blow up the “somehow it was all accidentally packed” excuse. 

As we previously reported, some of the documents found at the Penn Biden Center allegedly related to Ukraine from 2013-2016. That’s during the period that Hunter Biden was most active in Burisma and Joe Biden was the point man on Ukraine as vice president. 

We’ll have to see how this turns out, but I wouldn’t bet on Joe Biden being held accountable or being indicted here. 

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