June 22, 2024

As RedState reported last night, House investigators unveiled their most interesting piece of evidence yet related to possible bribery and financial corruption involving Joe Biden. According to subpoenaed bank records, two large wire transfers were made by CCP officials to the president’s home address in Delaware. 


What made the situation even more suspicious is that the payments were made while Joe Biden was running for president. The claim that all this happened while Joe Biden was a private citizen without any interests no longer holds water. 

The web gets even more tangled, though. According to reports, Joe Biden helped Jonathan Li, the man who wired the money, get his daughter into college. The two also had private, sit-down meetings. Further, some of the money was wired to Joe Biden’s address the day after he announced his 2020 presidential bid. The rest of the money came less than a month later. 

White House officials are now desperately trying to spin the news as a nothing burger. Here’s Iam Sams, a spokesperson for the president, claiming that Hutner Biden was living with his parents during COVID-19 and the money was just a “paycheck.” 


There are a few problems here, with the biggest one being that Hunter Biden was not living with his parents at the time the wire transfers were made. We know that because when Hunter Biden rejected a guilty plea related to his alleged criminal activity, he noted that he was living in California during that time period. In fact, he had just gotten remarried and was living with his new wife.

Secondly, wire transfers from CCP-connected individuals do not qualify as a “paycheck.” That’s a ludicrous suggestion meant to make something very abnormal sound normal, and it leads me back to the biggest question in all this: What was Hunter Biden getting paid for?


Surely, if Sams is correct that he was all on the up and up, he’ll have no problem telling us what service the president’s son provided in order to receive such large amounts of money from the Chinese. Yet, that question continues to go largely unanswered outside of vague assertions about providing “legal services.” Hunter Biden was getting paid gobs of money for seemingly no reason at all. All the while, his father just so happened to be meeting with these various benefactors to talk about the weather. 

No one is buying that explanation, and if House investigators have garnered this much in this short a period of time, you can bet there’s a lot more to come. This impeachment inquiry is going to be very interesting.

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