May 20, 2024

We have a bona fide Scooby-Doo Mystery here.

Earlier Tuesday, here at RedState, I completed a story about how the Michigan GOP finally seemed like it was headed in the right direction. Here is the story about how the current leadership of the Great Lakes State grand old party finally dropped an idiotic lawsuit that should never have been filed.



Michigan GOP Does the Right Thing and Drops Nonsense Lawsuit Filed by Former Chairperson Karamo

Well, as any good writer will tell you, when you post a story, you want to get the word out on as many platforms as possible. The entity, formally known as Twitter and now called X since Elon Musk purchased it, is one of the more free-flowing platforms that I often go to to check on breaking news or just post a story.

Of course, since the story was about the Michigan GOP, I figured I would tag them along with former congressman Pete Hoekstra, Kristina Karamo, and others in the post.

Lo and behold, the screenshot below is what I found.

This of course follows the legal battle that removed Karamo from calling herself the chair of the Michigan GOP on the last day of February a little over a week ago. That story was hit right here, and it stripped her of the ability to present herself as the legal chair of the Mi-GOP and use its tools. 

  • The ousted former leader of the Michigan Republican Party lost a key court ruling Thursday in her effort to regain the top post.

    The Michigan Court of Appeals said it won’t suspend a lower court’s order affirming Kristina Karamo’s removal by party members.

    Karamo was hoping that a stay would clear the way for her to lead a meeting Saturday in Detroit to select presidential delegates for the party’s national convention.

    Former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, with backing from the national party and former President Donald Trump, is recognized as the new chair of the state Republican Party. He is scheduled to lead a similar meeting across the state in Grand Rapids.

    Karamo has refused to concede that party members properly voted her out of office. But a Kent County judge on Tuesday said the Jan. 6 vote was valid and any actions by her since that date were “void and have no effect.”


That would include tools like X or the party’s bank accounts.

Since the court ruling, I have assumed that the former administration would eventually have to turn over all the social media accounts and access to the bank accounts to the new Hoekstra administration. I had no official guess when that could happen, but this is likely the first sign that it is about to happen.

As I mentioned earlier today, Pete had been given firm control after the state committee members lawfully and correctly removed Karamo and the court has confirmed this. The hope is that this will start moving in the right direction and possibly save this election cycle for Republicans in Michigan.

Of course, that does not mean that Karamo and her cohorts won’t be pissy on the way out the door.

I have reached out to some people who might be in the know about what has happened here and the status of the transition. When I find out, I will update this story as appropriate.

Once again, just to echo what I said again earlier, the sooner the Michigan GOP is under the control of people who actually want Republicans to win elections, the sooner money can be raised, then the sooner Republicans from Donald Trump all the way down the ticket will have a better shot of winning in November as opposed to putting together a hodgepodge plan of poop.


That would be a pleasant change in this state.

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