June 18, 2024

Everyone loves dogs. But most people have the good sense to love people more. Unfortunately, President Joe Biden seems to care more for his pets than he does for the people around him.


Commander, one of Biden’s German shepherds, has made headlines once again for attacking a White House staffer. This is the 12th time he has bitten a human being. But this time, it was caught on camera.

New pictures have emerged which show Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander biting yet another White House staffer just as presidential sources tried to lay the blame for the animal’s aggressive behavior on Secret Service agents.

White House sources on Monday made the assertion that Commander targets members of the president’s security detail because of their ‘unfriendly expressions.’ [Way to throw the Secret Service under the bus, guys.]

Now DailyMail.com can reveal that the two-year-old German Shepherd bit another member of staff barely two weeks ago.

We are all familiar with the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend.” But not all dogs are all that friendly towards people. When a canine’s behavior becomes erratic or dangerous, it reflects more on the owner than on the dog itself. People typically blame the owner for not managing, training, and instilling discipline in their animal. Indeed, a dog owner with similar problems would likely be forced to give his pet the Old Yeller treatment. However, when it comes to President Biden, who owns two dogs that have attacked people, there doesn’t seem to be much scrutiny coming from the elite media.


But, in a rare moment of intellectual honesty, the Washington Post published an op-ed taking the president to task for not handling his dogs properly.

All that said, if Commander were your dog or mine, and he had a habit of clamping down on police or mail carriers, how many attacks do you suppose it would have taken before the dog was removed from our custody? Two, maybe three? The answer is definitely not 11.

And what do you think would happen to our dog then? Would he be sent to one of our various other homes to live out his days chasing defenseless squirrels? No. In most places, after multiple “biting incidents,” he’d probably be euthanized. You’d have to make up some story for the kids about a farm where all the dogs frolic and Taylor Swift comes to visit.

The author also noted that the people around Biden don’t want to “tell him that he’s no longer holding himself to the standards of other people,” and that his aides “enable” the president instead.

So, even this author is still trying to pretend this problem isn’t the president’s fault.

But it is.

The bottom line is that if Commander and Major cannot keep their jaws to themselves, they should never have been allowed in the White House or anywhere else where people are working. We the plebes understand this, which is why most of us do not have such a cavalier attitude to dangerous dogs. The president has literally been putting people in danger because he loves his pets so much.


The other issue is what this says about the president himself. Why would he be so keen on endangering Secret Service agents and White House staffers in this manner? In prior incidents, some of the dogs’ victims have had to seek medical care. It would have been only a matter of time before one of the animals sent someone to the hospital with serious injuries.

Yes, Commander, like Major, has been removed from the White House. But where is he now? Everywhere Biden goes, Secret Service agents follow, and if he goes home where his dogs are, they will be in danger as well. Yet, nobody wants to take him to task over the issue.

There is no way to suggest that this does not reflect the president’s character. If he is willing to let his dogs repeatedly attack those tasked with protecting him, how much does he actually care about Americans who will never interact with him face to face?

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