June 19, 2024

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged US Congressmen to approve additional funding for aid for Ukraine during a meeting at the Capitol.

Source: European Pravda’s correspondent, citing Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrat majority in the Senate

Details: Schumer refused to talk about the details of Zelenskyy’s meeting with members of Congress or to answer any questions from journalists.

“There was a single sentence that summed it all up, and I’m quoting him verbatim, Mr Zelenskyy said: ‘If we don’t get the aid, we will lose the war’,” Schumer said.

However, Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, told reporters that he has not changed his position and will not support the approval of a US$24 billion assistance package to Ukraine, demanding that the White House focus on combating illegal migration.

“I’m more than willing to look at that [assistance to Ukraine – ed.]. But the one thing I know is that if the President’s only focused on that, well, you’ve just had 10,000 people come across the border, and he wants to ignore that,” CNN quoted him as saying.

He added, however, that he had asked Zelenskyy several questions, and said the conversation with him was “good” and “productive”.

After the Congressional meetings, Zelenskyy is scheduled to meet with Joe Biden at the White House, where the US president is expected to announce a new US military assistance package.

This is Zelensky’s second visit to Washington since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and it comes at a time when the US Congress is considering the White House’s request for additional assistance to Ukraine in the amount of US$24 billion.

And that approval is still uncertain, as there are serious disagreements in the Republican Party on this issue. Some right-wing Republicans, led by Donald Trump, argue that the United States is giving Ukraine too much aid and should focus on domestic priorities.

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