May 19, 2024

Joe Biden is on the campaign trail, and following his disastrous appearance in Pennsylvania, the president headed down to Georgia. What followed was another example of just how out of touch he is with mainstream America. 


Things got off to a rocky start as pro-Hamas protesters once again tried to shout him down.

What’s so amazing about these hecklers following Biden around the country is that he’s trying so hard to appease them. His latest proposal to build a port off the Gaza coast was designed specifically to quell the anger of the terrorist supporters that make up his base. That it’s an insanely stupid and dangerous idea that would put Americans at risk is secondary to his motivation. 

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Yet, despite his continued overtures, they just keep screaming at him. There’s nothing he can do except offer direct support to Hamas that will make them happy. Perhaps building a coalition of violent lunatics wasn’t such a great idea? 

Once the protesters quieted down (or were removed), the slurring began. 

This is the problem for the president’s handlers. They can pump him full of uppers for a single State of the Union speech, but they can’t do it every day. His heart would probably stop. That makes keeping a real campaign schedule very difficult.


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The threat to the Supreme Court is the bigger deal, though, right? He used this same line at the State of the Union, though, he flubbed it by claiming women have “electrical power.” Regardless, the Justices aren’t sitting around terrified at the prospect that women might vote to legalize abortion at the state level. The court properly interpreted the Constitution in the case of Roe v. Wade. That was their job. Biden’s continued attempt to make them an enemy of his deranged base is dangerous.

On another subject, the president touted how supposedly “diverse” his administration is. 

How has that worked out? The Biden administration is in the running for the worst in American history, and that’s proven out by his approval rating being the lowest of the polling era. That isn’t exactly a resounding endorsement of his hiring practices. If anything, it shows that hiring based on “diversity” instead of merit is a terrible idea that leads to a litany of failures. 

The mention of Kamala Harris is the cherry on top given she hasn’t managed to succeed at any task she’s been handed, from the border to preventing the invasion of Ukraine. I guess results don’t matter when compared to identity politics, though.


Finally, Biden decided that amid the worst illegal immigration crisis in American history, it was a great time to brag about how he canceled Donald Trump’s successful policies to promote amnesty. 

If he were trying to lose, what would he be doing differently? A Democrat competent enough to seize the immigration issue and chalk up some wins might be leading the presidential race right now (that person probably doesn’t exist within the modern Democratic Party). Biden and his handlers seem content to continually shoot themselves in the face, though. 

After mispronouncing Laken Riley’s name and apologizing to her killer for using the word “illegal,” the president is now reminding everyone that he caused the current border crisis. It’s politically moronic. Is it surprising, though? I’d say not. 

But hey, if this is the campaign Biden and company want to run, who am I to offer them advice? Have at it. Keep promoting amnesty, keep defending murderers, and keep kowtowing to terrorists. We’ll see how that works out in November.

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