May 25, 2024

Joe Biden did an interview with Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC that aired on Saturday. 

Biden made multiple delusional statements, including on illegal aliens and the murder of Laken Riley at the hands of an illegal. 


He’s made some bad comments already trying to downplay her death, claiming there are thousands of “legals” who are also killed in this country—as though somehow that justified the very preventable murder by an illegal alien. 


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Biden apologized for calling the accused killer of Laken Riley an “illegal,” saying he should have said “undocumented.” Listen as he rushes to say that. 

Biden said he wouldn’t “treat any of these people with disrespect.” “Look, they built the country,” he said.

What? He doesn’t want to “disrespect” the alleged murderer because he “built the country?” This is the Democratic Party now, in the pocket of illegal aliens and not caring about the American people. 

“Illegal alien” is the correct legal term; “undocumented” is a way to not take it seriously, to downplay the illegality of it. It isn’t disrespectful, but imagine being concerned about disrespecting an alleged murderer. 


Even an MSNBC panelist admitted this showed weakness on Biden’s part, that he backtracked like this. He did it because of the criticism of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others on the left. 

All Trump needs to do is run this as an ad until Election Day, showing how weak Biden is and that this is his view about the murders of Americans. 

People couldn’t believe it. This was bad even for Biden, bending himself into a pretzel to satisfy the Democrats. If anyone had any doubt after that State of the Union, this should just about finish him. 

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