May 23, 2024

As the liberal media lapdogs continue their histrionic meltdown in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday blowout, which led to Nikki Haley finally suspending her campaign, CNN’s Van Jones put on quite a fearmongering performance on Wednesday as he warned of the coming apocalypse. 


The only thing that could prevent that apocalypse, said Jones, would be former Haley supporters switching their allegiance to Joe Biden in November. See what he did, there? So does everyone else.

And to make everything even more fun, Trump-obsessed Jim Acosta was the host of the show. Jimbo kicked off the festivities:

And — and Van, what does President Biden need to do at this point to earn those Nikki Haley’s supporters, bring them into the fold? We saw the Biden campaign putting out a statement for President Biden, almost immediately after Nikki Haley walked off that stage in South Carolina. What do you think?

Allow me to interject before we get to Jones’s response. 

Is it reasonable to assume that the only reason a Haley supporter would possibly support Biden in November would be because that voter hates Trump more than he or she loves America as we know it? Of course, it is. 

Anyway, here’s Jones (emphasis, mine):

I think he needs to — to talk to her donors and her supporters and say, if you want to a year from now, watch Russian tanks rolling through Europe, then, you know, endorse Donald Trump and get on that bandwagon. But understand, you’re going to wake up one morning and you’re going to see horror across Europe, you’re going to have American soldiers, and sailors, having to go over there and do something that we could have done with dollars we have to do with — with blood.

It’s not that the liberal media sock puppets spew such bilge that makes me sometimes shake my head; it’s that they do it with straight faces — as if rational, marginally informed, marginally objective adults believe it.


Jones got even more absurd:

If you want to continue to see the country being divided and unable to — to govern itself and treat itself well, get on that Trump train. But you got a place over here. Now, he also, I think, needs to make a stronger case for what he is going to do to keep the economy moving in a good direction for people who go in grocery stores and can’t pay for their groceries. 

He says he’s going to sic the DoJ and the FTC on these grocers, these corporate grocers that are ripping off Americans, he needs to lean into that for the voters. But for the people like us who care about a democracy around the world, they have a binary choice, we’re out of NATO and Russia is running over Europe, or you stand with Joe Biden.

Jones’s gibberish is unworthy of serious analysis. Here’s the thing: The following quote (which is widely misattributed to Albert Einstein) nails it: 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The left didn’t get the memo.

Think about the last three years of the Biden administration — a perfect example. Joe Biden is incapable of admitting he’s wrong or accepting responsibility. Nothing is ever Buck-Passing Joe’s fault. And his go-to buck-passing target has been and remains Donald Trump. Biden even blames his own intentionally created illegal alien invasion on the former president and the current Republican-majority House — even as he continues to deny (lie about) lacking executive-action authority to stop it.


Even more pathetically, Biden and the Democrats continue their miserably failed — although often humorous —strategy of painting Trump as all but the Prince of Darkness who, if elected in November, will rule by decree, end free elections, make abortion illegal across America, and now, apparently lead to the end of NATO and “Russian tanks rolling through Europe.”

Welp, here’s another memo that Joe Biden and Democrats should read:

Your shtick isn’t working. It never has. Your best thinking got you to exactly where you now find yourselves. But, please, by all means, don’t change a thing. I’m sure it will all work out perfectly if you continue as is.


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