May 20, 2024

Special Counsel Robert Hur was questioned before Congress on Tuesday about his report about Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. 

Perhaps one of the worst questioners was the execrable Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Of course, he’s in performance mode because he’s running for Senate, so he wanted to play to the leftist base. His questioning was completely disgraceful but provided a window into the minds of Democrats and how slimy they can be. 


Schiff threw a hissy fit, going after Hur for daring to tell the truth about Joe Biden’s memory. He wanted Hur to keep quiet about Joe Biden’s issues because talking about them could hurt Joe Biden. So now he was mad that Hur didn’t sanitize his report to protect Biden, even though Hur having that in there was basically the reason for not prosecuting him. This is completely shameful. 

But Hur shut him down and turned Schiff’s attack on its head. 

He explained that he could not sanitize his report in that way, that he was required to discuss it because it was critical to the analysis of the case and why he proceeded as he did. He added that if he did what Schiff was suggesting, it would be doing things for political reasons and “that did not happen.”

Nicely done, absolutely shutting down Schiff’s performative outrage. 


Schiff, of all people, has no right to talk about anyone doing anything for political reasons after all the slimy things that he has pulled over the years. He was booted off the House Intelligence Committee for “lying to the American public,” according to then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy 

As George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley noted, this verbal onslaught came from the guy who claimed that there was direct evidence of Russian collusion against former President Donald Trump. 

Turley wryly noted that Schiff was “hardly the paragon of such restraint.” That’s a great way to put it. 

This is the same guy who is now saying that the intel community should keep information from Trump. That’s incredibly wrong and could endanger our national security. He always seems more concerned about the political narrative than he is about the truth or about the safety of the nation. 


Just one more reason for people to vote for Steve Garvey for Senate in California. 


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